Deposit and Tour Payments

The Oregon Ambassadors of Music handles payments for the tour deposit, music camp, and the uniforms. Our partner company handles additional payments. To pay the deposit or music camp/uniform payments, use the linked PayPal buttons below. For payments to our partner company, use the link below to direct you to their payment portal. The total cost of the tour is $7,138 (this is subject to a 3-5% fluctuation). $845 (Check) is paid to Oregon Ambassadors. $6,293 (this is subject to a 3-5% fluctuation) is paid to Music Celebrations International. 

Deposit for Application

To secure your spot on the tour, you must submit the initial application on the "APPLY" page of this website. Since we are passed our initial deadline, once we receive the application, you will be notified if we can add you to the tour. If we notify you that you can be added, you would need to pay the "Late" $991 non-refundable deposit  for the 2024 tour. When notified, you will receive an invoice to pay the late deposit. Late deposits must be paid by using PayPal. Checks for late deposits are not accepted. If you have been dropped from the tour for a missed MCI payment, and you have been removed, please contact us if you would like to be added back onto the tour. If this is possible, we will notify you and then you would pay a "Rejoin  Fee" of $200 before the January 19 deadline. To avoid this, please stay current with all MCI payments. The payment schedule is listed on the right side of this page. 

Partner Company Payments

After your initial application has been submitted, your deposit has been made to OAM, and you have received confirmation as to your secured spot on the tour, you will be making subsequent payments to our partner company, Music Celebrations International. Once  you have completed the OAM online application and deposit to OAM, we will send you the link to register for the MCI Payment Portal. 


$991 Late Deposit Paid to OAM Due: Added as Available

$400 per person Paid to MCI Due: August 20, 2023

$1,000 per person Paid to MCI Due: October 20, 2023

$2,000 per person Paid to MCI Due: January 20, 2024

$2,000 per person Paid to MCI Due: March 20, 2024

Final Remaining Balance Paid to MCI Due: May 20, 2024



The OAM Deposit (non-refundable) Begins: July 10, 2023  

$400 per person (non-refundable) Penalty Begins: November 10, 2023           

25% per person, of total tour costs Penalty Begins: February 10, 2024

50% per person, of total tour costs Penalty Begins: April 10, 2024

100% per person, of total tour costs    Penalty Begins: May 10, 2024

After the Night Watchman
Rothenburg, Germany

Ice Skating!

That's one way to travel down from the top of the mountain!
Crans Montana, Switzerland

Montmartre, Paris, France.